Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

Excessive, unwanted hair. It’s a difficulty many must face on a day to day basis, but at Laser Studio in Austin we can help you deal with the problem quickly and effectively.

Imagine life without the constant need to shave or wax. It is possible thanks to the unique packages available with Laser Studio. If you’re ready for a new you, book your laser hair removal session today. With the most advanced technology combined with skillful professionals who can get you the skilled results you’re looking for, choosing Laser Studio means achieving your desired results sooner.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

With the right light wavelength from the laser, the germinative cells that create hair in the follicle are destroyed. The pulse of light is just long enough to destroy those cells, then the laser instantly shuts downs so the skin around it is not affected.

Can Anyone Have Laser Hair Removal?

In most cases, anyone can have hair removal, but lasers tend to work best with darker skin and lighter hair. Some lasers, though, work with any hair and skin type. Your best bet is to schedule a consultation appointment to decide if laser hair removal is right for you.

Is This a Permanent Solution?

For many people, laser hair removal is the ideal long term option. Many clinical studies have shown ongoing results up to ten years after the initial treatments.

Are Lots of Treatments Required?

Depending on the area you’d like to have treated, you will probably require more than one treatment get the results you’re looking for. Most patients need four to six treatments to get up to 90% hair reduction. Most treatments have to be scheduled six to ten weeks apart to ensure the hair follicles are caught in the growth cycle to make the most of your hair removal treatments.

Does It Hurt?

Most people have said that laser hair removal feels a bit like a rubber band snapping against the skin. However, many of the best lasers available today reduce the discomfort level. If you have particularly sensitive skin, there are a number of steps we can take to help reduce your discomfort level.

What Does the Skin Look Like?

Right after you’ve had a session, the skin looks a little red. It feels like you’ve been in the sun just a little too long. Fortunately, though, that will go away within about twenty minutes. You can go back to your normal activities immediately.

Laser hair removal is the ideal method of hair removal for many. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about whether it’s the solution you need now.

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