Latisse Eye Lash Treatment

Latisse Eye Lash Treatment

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Latisse Eye Lash Treatment

Full, luscious eyelashes. They’re one quality almost every woman wants. While lots of women fight with temporary solutions like eyelash extensions and heavy mascara, they not only wear off over time, but they can cause your natural lashes to turn into a dry, brittle mess. The answer is simple – Latisse from Laser Studio in Austin.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is the only eyelash treatment that is FDA approved. Available by prescription at Laser Studio, Latisse has been proven effective again and again. Most people get full, thick, dark lashes within just four months of the initial application. With Latisse, false eyelashes and those other rough treatments can quickly become a thing of the past.

Who Can Use Latisse?

This treatment is designed as a solution for hypotrichosis, or those who have inadequate lash growth. Only those who are allergic to the ingredients in Latisse or have elevated intraocular pressure aren’t good candidates for this treatment. Even if you wear contacts, Latisse can still be the perfect solution.

Isn’t This Just Like Mascara?

Absolutely not. Latisse actually affects the growth of your lashes. During the anagen phase, or growth phase, of the lashes, it increases the length as well as the number of hairs your body produces. As soon as 8 weeks, you may begin to notice a difference because the product works gradually. If you still want to use mascara, you certainly can, but you may find with fuller lashes like these, that’s no longer an issue for you.

Will My Lashes Remain Full and Dark?

As long as you continue to use Latisse, your eyelashes will stay just as full as you want them to be. Once you stop, however, you can expect your eyelashes to return to their previous state over the course of several weeks. If you miss a night or two, don’t worry. Just get back to your regular application schedule, and you shouldn’t notice much of a change.

Shouldn’t I Just Ask My Regular Doctor For a Prescription?

Any doctor can prescribe Latisse, but at Laser Studio, we’re very familiar with the product. We can help you decide if this is the right treatment for you, and we’ll even walk you through the application and go through the best possible practices with you. While any doctor can prescribe Latisse, only Laser Studio will give you the one on one information session you truly need before you begin using Latisse.

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